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Mazda BT-50 aftermarket performance upgrade kit.  Turn your utility into a mini sports truck with power to burn and superior economy.

– MB Diesel Cool Tubes Intercooler systems are fully manufactured in Australia to the highest standards.

– K&N  performance Cotton air filter.  K & N filters offer superior flow over standard elements, excellent dust and debris retention, fully serviceable for the life of the engine.

-Unichip Programable Engine Management System.  Fully adjustable depending on modifications made to the vehicle. Not just a ‘fuel chip’, the Unichip can control Injection Timing, Injection Quantity, Boost Level and Torque limiting valves all the while reading sensors such as water temperature, air temperature, engine speed and engine load to allow the most accurate tuning possible on a diesel common rail engine.
What does this mean for you? Simply put ,Better economy, safer power and a piece of mind that your investment is well protected.

– MB Diesel 2.5″ Torque Tubes, Mandrel bent performance exhaust system including metallic catalytic converter. Get that sweet note, improved performance with no drone.

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Intercooler Kit.

Simple customer self fitting in less than 2 hours.

All parts are included and no specialty tools required.

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Mandrel bent exhaust.

2.5" Exhaust including High Flow Catalytic Converter.


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Fits both automatic and manual models.

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Shortened metal boost tube’s for improved throttle response.

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Improved ground clearance for off road use reduces the risk of damage.

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Fitted Intercooler.

Fitted Intercooler.

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Be the envy of all your mates.  Stylish looks and superior air flow to the intercooler.

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Dyno Graph

Dyno Graph