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In an attempt to reduce nitrogen oxide (NO2) emissions from motor vehicles, Exhaust Gas Recirculation or EGR systems became a compulsory addition to newly built vehicles. These systems gave the engine the opportunity to re-burn exhaust gas in order to further break it down.

Unfortunately, this system only works for short period of time until the exhaust gas begins to solidify inside the intake track in the form of thick carbon. As the engine continues to clog up with carbon and air flow becomes restricted, the engine’s performance is increasingly affected. Performance decreases are in the form of loss of power, torque and economy. When the engine is receiving a low amount of air flow, it is forced to use a larger amount of fuel, contributing to high combustion temperatures (EGT’S). An additional side effect of running EGR is decreased engine oil quality due to excessive carbon deposits. Carbon contaminated oil not only loses its lubricant properties but can no longer effectively cool the engine as the carbon retains heat. Not only is the system harming your engine, but the increased use of fuel means that the quantity of pollution being expelled from the exhaust is actually greater than that of a non-EGR equipped engine.

Removing or ‘deleting’ the EGR system will allow your engine to operate far cleaner and with unrestricted performance. During the process of EGR system removal, the intake manifold can be cleaned of carbon using an acid or kerosene solution. A cleaner is also used to revert residual carbon back to liquid form where it can be processed by the engine. We currently offer EGR delete kits for Nissan Patrol GU TD42 and RD28, Nissan Navara D40 YD25 and Toyota Landcruiser 79 and 100 Series 1HZ and 1HDFTE; although we are constantly developing kits for other vehicles.

If you would prefer to simply ‘blank’ the EGR system rather than removing it, we are able to supply the shims and or blanking plates to do so.

In some countries, states and territories, EGR deletion may not be legal. We suggest that you check with appropriate authorities or understand that you are responsible for the decisions and legal consequences related to EGR system removal.


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