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What is EGR?

In an attempt to reduce nitrogen oxide (NO2) emissions from motor vehicles, Exhaust Gas Recirculation or EGR systems became a compulsory addition to newly built vehicles. These systems gave the engine the opportunity to re-burn exhaust gas in order to … Continue reading

What is an Inter Cooler?

An inter cooler is an air-to-air or air-to-liquid heat exchange device used on turbocharged and supercharged (forced induction) internal combustion engines to improve their volumetric efficiency by increasing intake air charge density through nearly isobaric (constant pressure) cooling. A decrease … Continue reading

How does a Turbo work?

A turbocharger is basically an air pump. Hot exhaust gases leaving the engine after combustion are routed directly to the turbine wheel side of the turbocharger to make it rotate up to 230,000 rpm. That turbine wheel is connected by … Continue reading

What is a Diff Lock?

A locking differential, diff-lock or locker is a variation on the standard automotive differential. A locking differential may provide increased traction compared to a standard, or “open” differential by restricting each of the two wheels on an axle to the … Continue reading

Why buy a 4×4?