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Northside 4X4 is a family owned and operated business.

Brothers Jamie and Leon Mehl are joint partners, and both have a wealth of knowledge gained from years of practical experience in the industry. 

Jamie moved to Papua New Guinea at the age of 2 with parents Hans and Thea Mehl who began working at Boroko Motors where Hans developed the first diesel fuel injection room in PNG. After Leon was born, Hans and Thea opened Hi Speed Diesel Service in Lae. Hi Speed Diesel Service was born out of necessity; high altitudes and low atmospheric pressures in the Highlands of PNG caused a need for turbocharged vehicles and Hans and Thea made their name by supplying to this new demand. Jamie and Leon spent their entire childhoods and early adulthood at Hi Speed Diesel and learnt everything that Hans had to teach them about diesel fuel injection and turbocharging. Into adulthood, they decided to continue the family trade and open Northside 4X4 in Australia. Between Hans, Jamie and Leon; they have a combined industry presence of over 85 years.

Primarily, Jamie is the front man of the organization, answering customer and technical enquiries, whilst Leon manages the workshop and dyno tuning.

Monique, the younger sister of the trio, manages the accounts.

Taylor, Jamie’s daughter; manages the incoming enquiries, orders and bookings.

At any one time, Northside 4×4 employs 2-3 mechanics, but that doesn’t stop Jamie and Leon getting their hands dirty, as they actively take part in the day to day repairs and vehicle modifications.